» ScanCraft : Dual Configuration Book Scanner

Feature Highlights

  • Unique Dual Configuration Scanner for scanning books & documents.
  • V-Type Configuration: Scans up to two A3 (420mm x 297mm) sized pages simultaneously. Suitable for books, magazines or any bound publications. Can also scan two single page documents simultaneously.
  • Flat Bed Configuration: Scans up to single A2 (594mm x 420mm) sized document. Suitable for scanning maps, newspapers and more.
  • Non-destructive digitization of content V-shaped cradle: Specifically designed to handle delicate & precious old books and documents
  • Timer based auto-scanning for higher productivity
  • Designed for scanning more than 1,00,000 pages/month
  • Extensive post-scan processing features: Cropping, Rotation, Brightness/Contrast, Color cast removal for old publications
  • ... and much more

ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner



» Webgenic eLibraryPlus Server

Organizations which need to preserve and make their publications / documents available to users in open as well as controlled way, such as libraries, educational and research institutes, banks, hospitals and government departments can effectively use Webgenic eLibraryPlus Server to meet their objectives.

Feature Highlights

  • Provides comprehensive functionality for running documents management, e-library setup and more
  • Manage & host all of your existing digital and scanned publications
  • Create new digital publications such as documents, books, magazines, newsletters and more
  • Supports for multiple input document types such as MS Word, Text, PDF, OpenOffice and more
  • Make publications available to worldwide users over the internet or for internal office use over the intranet
  • Ideal for running a paperless office


Comprehensive e-Library Capabilities

Flexible reading options:

  • Readers can read publication online in web browser without downloading publication
  • Optionally, download publication as PDF
  • Create chapters/sections to display and download subset of the publication

Manage publication life-cycle:

  • Define publish date, expiry date
  • Publications can exist forever or auto-expire

Auto cataloging

  • Newly created publications added to e-catalog automatically
ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner


Meta-data support

  • Configurable meta-data fields
  • Define search keywords for each publication
  • Add each publication to multiple categories

Browsing and Searching:

  • Browse publications by category
  • Basic search: Search in publication content or in meta-data
  • Advanced search: Define search criteria based on multiple meta-data fields

Publication subscription & access control:

  • Control who can read publication at individual publication level
  • Manage subscriptions for individual publication or group of publications
  • Accept subscription requests from users


  • Document version control for data safety and recovery
  • Create publications in multiple languages
  • Preview publications as they are built

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